White Papers

1)Innovation in Practice: A pulse of innovation practices and processes in companies providing enterprise and consumer solutions

A) Health Life Sciences (Pharma, BioTech & MedTech) Companies:

I) Technology driven transformation

1) How can an MNC MedTech company transform to a digital, agile, RWE driven firm for its APAC operations?
2) How can an MNC Pharma company transform to a digital, agile, RWE driven firm for its APAC operations?

II) BioPharma & MedTech – Entry into APAC

1) How can an MNC Pharma/MedTech company transform to a digital, agile, RWE driven firm for its APAC operations?
a) Transformation: How to crack the code to success for premium vs “Value segment” products?
b) Consumer Experience: How to gain back control over customers from distributors?
c) Capability Building: How to step up sales force effectiveness? (Include Simulation also) (To wean off distributor-led models)
2) How can an MNC MedTech establish and lead in APAC?

III) General

1) How can Agent-oriented Design Models be used in Medical Products?
In Artificial Intelligence era, Agent-oriented design/modelling/simulation takes over object-oriented and other design methodologies

B) Health Life Sciences Partners:

1) How can an EHR provider collaborate with Pharma/MedTech firms?
How an IT solution provider for EHR/Population Health can collaborate with Pharma/MedTech?

2) How can an IT services provider for Life Sciences leverage Open Innovation?
How an IT services/consulting provider for Life Sciences can leverage Open Innovation?

3) How can a Strategy/Management Consutling provider transform to the Next Gen Consulting provider?

4) How can an ERP solutions provider collaborate with its partners to transform Life Sciences companies?
a) Consumer Experience
b) Omnichannel Commerce
c) Supply Chain
d) Manufacturing

5) How can a Life Sciences cluster strategize, analyse, implement its ecosystem?

6) How can a cloud/platform vendor position within Life Sciences ecosystem?
//How can a cloud/platform vendor provide Smart Services for Medical Affairs (BioPharma/MedTech)?
Use case 1)
(Research platform) What/Why/How to provide computing platforms for LifeSciences/HC researchers
Use case 2)
(RWE) What/Why/How to deliver smart services aggregating data and analytics services related to healthcare/medtech/biopharma
a) How to leverage IoT data (collected from healthcare related things – as source of RWE data) for smart services
b) How to leverage Batch processing (?? For what types of services)
c) What other data ingestion/data storage/data processing services can be used?
Use case 3)
(Consumer Experience) What/Why/ How to enable enterprise applications (e.g. SAP business applications) to populate CRM/SRM/ ERP data into digital twins
Use case 4)
(Launch) What/Why/How to use things/data/analytics services for successful launches?
Use case 5)
(Medical Affairs) What/Why/How to use things/data/analytics services for medical affairs related purposes?
Use case 6)
(Rapid prototyping) What/Why/How to use 3D printing, AnyLogic Simulation etc. for rapid prototyping, simulation, business analysis
Use case 7)
(Digital Twins) What/Where all applicable + Why/How to go about?