Systems Thinking & Modeling for a Complex World

Target Audience:

1) Anyone who wants to learn
a) What is “Systems View”, “Systems Thinking”, “Systems Modeling”
b) Benefits of Systems approach
c) When to use Systems Modeling
d) How to apply Systems Thinking to create Systems Models
e) How to use and benefit from Systems Models

2) Anyone who wants to
a) Assess your “Systems Thinking Talent”
b) Develop your “Systems View & Modeling Capabilities”

Why we need Systems Thinking & Modeling?

System simulation approaches are useful tools for understanding processes and structures involved in complex problems, identifying high-leverage points in the system and evaluating hypothetical interventions – an exercise that would be impossible to do by collecting and analyzing real-world data.

Case Studies for Systems Thinking & Modeling:

1) Health Life Sciences ecosystem: Stakeholders (Agents), Interactions (Business Processes), and System Dynamics
2) Systems Biology
3) Public Health and Population Health demand Systems Thinking
– Dynamics of Disease:Modeling Epidemics (Biological agents, Computer viruses)
4) Patient Safety and Quality Improvement: Developing a Systems View
5) Digital Supply Chain (Logistics, Digital Manufacturing): Systems View of digital supply chain in Pharma & MedTech
6) Omnichannel Commerce: Systems View of Omnichannel commerce in Pharma & MedTech
7) Sustainable Food Security: The value of systems thinking

Course Outline:


  • The System Lens and Thinking in Systems
    • System Dynamics models and Theory of non-linear dynamics
  • An Introduction to Systems Thinking
    **Systems Model usage Checklist
  • Systems Models & Simulation in Action (Demo)
  • Benefits of Systems approach and models
  • Multi-method Modeling (SD-DE-AB Modeling)


  • Approach to Systems Modeling
    **Systems Model Approach Checklist
  • The Language of Systems-Thinking
  • Tools for Systems Thinking


  • System Dynamics Modeling for Systems of Intelligence
  • Use of Systems Modeling to Design for Emerging Technologies


  • Case Studies for Systems Modeling in “Health Life Sciences” (Ecosystem, RWE, Med Affairs, MA, MedTech, Launches)
    • Dynamics within an ecosystem, where individual systems/transactions use AI applications ranging from automating existing processes to disrupting markets and business models


  • Challenges for the future
  • Maturity Models for Systems Thinking