Solution Design Consulting

We are an innovation-led partner combining strategy, design and technology to engineer extraordinary experiences for brands, businesses and their customers.

Presales Consultant Responsibilities:

1) Understanding what the clients need
2) Developing an initial view of the solution
3) Tailoring the proposition to meet what the client needs
4) Articulating this solution to the sales / client
5) Helps to close the deal
6) Handshakes with delivery to ensure that the delivery team actually provides the intended solution

Our Services:

1) Create propositions & collaterals – overall, practices aligned and vertically aligned
2) Conduct market research and build thought leadership/ PoVs on Digital Solutions
3) Create the RFI & RFP responses
4) Create proactive proposal responses
5) Create business model and commercials
6) Create SOW (Statement of Work) and coordinate for legal review
7) Conduct Customer presentations
8) Handshake with Delivery teams on proposal reviews and to capture the effort estimations
9) Create & Refine Case Studies
10) Work with an eco-system to align go-to-market solutions