Simulations for Medical Education in Translational Research

Role of Simulations in Medical Education for Translational and Implementation Sciences

Mostly Translational Sciences (TS) policies and priorities focus on biomedical research, education of biomedical scientists, and conventional treatment options. They do not address the value of a skilled workforce in the clinical medical and health professions and the importance of rigorous clinical education for the delivery of effective health care. Human capital, embodied in competent physicians and other health professionals, is an essential feature of TS.
Simulation-based Medical Education (SBME), which is different from traditional clinical education because of standardization and a focus on learners rather than patients, is well suited to help physicians and care-givers acquire a broad range of competencies.

Our Services:

1) For each translational research program, identify and reach the right set of learners
2) Data-based decisions about learners and teaching aspects (Learning & Teaching Analytics)
3) Feedback to Learners & Evaluation of downstream results

Educational Resources
1) Simulators appropriate to learning objectives