Simulations to Communicate and Demo Disruptive Innovations

Our Services:

1) Simulation Modeling
a) Create a digital prototype of a real-world system
b) Enable Experimentation on this digital representation to analyze, optimize, and predict processes inside.

2) Measurability with increased Accuracy
a) Using the simulation model, measure values and track entities (which are within the abstraction level of the model, and not below)
b) Iteratively add measurements and statistical analysis (at any time, based on user and system needs)
c) Take into account more complex interdependencies and the behavior of the system over time

3) Visuals
a) Play and animate system behavior over time
b) Use animations not only for demo purposes, but also for verification and debugging

4) Business deal making
a) Use simulations for convincing and complelling proposals (have an advantage over those with just numbers)
b) Easily communicate the model internals to others
c) Handle uncertainty – Simulation considers the randomness and interdependencies which characterize real-life business
d) Understand the impact on multiple key metrics, instead of making assumptions and using averages (increased power to “look into the future”)