Real-World Evidence (RWE) setup for Healthcare, Pharma, MedTech

Services we provide to setup and utilize RWE in Healthcare/Pharma/MedTech:

1) Identify data sources for the problem statement
2) Data Architecture – Data extraction, Eligibility considerations, Ingestion, Storage, Pre-processing/Transformation, Processing, Presentation, Automation/AI
3) Data Engineering and Infrastructure – Consulting, Design, Solutioning, Deployment
4) Systems Integration with real-time and batch transactions

What are the main factors driving the significance of RWE in Healthcare, Pharma, and MedTech?

1) Healthcare is rapidly transitioning to a new world of patient choice with laser-like focus on outcomes and value.
2) Healthcare systems traditionally focused on medical interventions driven via episodic interaction with the patient is now recognizing the need to fully understand exogenous factors and deliver continual care

RWE effectively complement knowledge gained from traditional clinical trials whose well-known limitations make it difficult to generalize findings to
a) Larger, more inclusive populations of patients, providers, healthcare delivery systems
b) Settings reflective of actual use in practice

How can we obtain Real-World Evidence?

Exogenous factors (Genomics, Behavior, Social influences, Environmental influences) play a critical role in delivering outcomes and value for patients and health systems. Technology is allowing the capture and analysis of such real-world data.

RWE traditionally comes from 4 main sources:
1) Clinical data
2) Administrative/Claims data
3) Patient-generated/reported data
4) Emerging digital data sources (social media, cross-industry data collaborations)