Open Innovation Units in Pharma & MedTech

Open Innovation Units, part of an Enterprise Business’s Innovation Architecture, partners and invests in specific Tech startups (e.g. growth stage B2B Deep Tech, seed stage B2C Tech). These units are tasked with bringing in disruptive ideas, digital technologies and new business models to transform our client businesses and help them “rotate to the new”. We help drive significant value for our clients by engaging with innovation ecosystem.

Services we provide for Open Innovation Units in Pharma/MedTech:

1) Consult to our client in a start-up mode, seamlessly understanding disruptive technologies like AI, Block Chain, AR/VR, IoT, cyber security etc and mapping them to client and client’s customer priority areas
2) Help manage our client’s Startup Cohort programs: To identify best startups and map / shape them to validated business usecases, post which help them develop offering which can be scaled
3) Identify opportunities for the offering developed to be deployed at client globally
4) Host global clients (typically CXOs) of our client at the Innovation Hub. Engage in Innovation workshops to originate new opportunities and pursue them to closure
5) Work closely with Technology leadership and Innovation Hub to shape their Ecosystem and Ventures agenda
6) Closely work with Open Innovation Global segment leaders and Strategic Minority investment teams to curate the best global startup and plug them in offering & client deals
7) Collaborate with startup ecosystem and key partners to position our client and source high quality startups
Key KPIs: Offering Created, Sales revenue generated / influenced, investment pipeline created