Natural Language Processing/Understanding (NLP/NLU) for
Pharma & MedTec

Scope of NLP and NLU in Pharma & MedTech:

1) For Partnering with the Public and Patients in Medical Research
2) For Partner Engagement in Medical Research
3) For Partner/Stakeholder Education in Medical Research
4) For Evidence Generation in Medical Research

Partners – Consumers, Patients, Caregivers, Health workers
Stakeholders in Research – Researchers, Physicians, Payers, Regulators, Government, Pharma/MedTech businesses
Stakeholders in Education – Educational businesses, Practitioners, Leaders, Researchers

Our Services:

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) on unstructured data such as partner writing, responses to learner surveys, interview data, or transcripts from an educational/engagement setting.
a) Identify unstructured data in educational/engagement settings
b) Define Research problems and questions that can be addressed with natural language data and tools
c) Consult on tools and techniques for preparation and analysis of unstructured data

1) NLP and Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing – using classic machine learning methods and cutting-edge deep learning methods
2) Neural models for machine translation and conversation – using Statistical Machine Translation and neural models for translation and conversation
3) Deep Semantic Similarity Models (DSSM) and its applications
4) Natural Language Understanding – using continuous word representations and neural knowledge base embedding
5) Deep reinforcement learning in NLP
6) Vision-Language Multimodal Intelligence – applying neural models in Image captioning and visual question answering