Pharma & MedTech – Medical Affairs setup

Services we provide to setup/build capabilities for Medical Affairs unit:

1) Talent and Capability Development & Maturity Model
a) Aggressively ramp-up on new types of talent and build functional capabilities at-scale (Platforms and Simulations to recruit, and develop talent)

2) Strategy & Roadmap to better engage and support patients, public, and stakeholders (payors, regulators, physicians, providers, researchers) in the region
Improve quality and efficiency of external engagement
a) Much more digital and data-driven model (Fully embrace digital, data and analytics)
b) More payor-focused model
c) Ultimately, more medical model

3) Strategy & Roadmap to become more “patient-centric”
a) Define fully patient-centric model (either “patient at the center” or “patient needs at the center”)

4) Strategy for Medical Affairs function to attain a bigger, and more strategic role
a) Why, How and When Medical Affairs can have equal voice (and resourcing) vis-a-vis RnD & Commercial
b) Demonstrate clinical and economic value to healthcare systems
c) Move towards a more agile collaboration across Medical, R&D, and Commercial
d) Bring a full strategic perspective to the boardroom that is rooted in patient interests