Pharma & MedTech – Enterprise Architecture & Design

Architecting/Design Services we provide for Pharma/MedTech Enterprises

1) Digital Solution Architecture, Design Consultancy, Digital Innovation Leadership
2) Technical design specifications and guidance to the appropriate detail, acting as an advisor to a zone and/or multiple charters
3) Produce documentation proving the value of proposed solutions and providing paths to implementation.
Use techniques such as prototype (e.g. 4+1 architecture) and analytics to demonstrate value of solutions
4) Apply architectural standards such as TOGAF for the Enterprise
5) Identify System Integration opportunities and patterns for integrating/automating/intelligence enabling business processes with existing and new partners in the ecosystem
6) Define reference Cloud architecture for the platform/product, build and update the roadmap to achieve this architecture.
7) Provide a vision of the core framework of technology services and the components for a specific product which enable reuse by the technology teams
8) Build vs. Buy vs. Adopt: Cultivate awareness and opportunities for new & existing open source technologies; understand where & how to leverage them, or when it’s more appropriate to build from scratch