Innovation – Current & Future State, The Big Picture, Four types of Innovations

Our Services:

1) Given an Opportunity/Idea, map to relevant ‘Innovation Type’ based on:
a) Outcome of the Innovation (e.g. Product, Service, Platform, Process)
b) Degree of Innovativeness or Uncertainty (e.g. Radical, Incremental)
c) Degree of Change in the Product system (e.g. Component versus Architectural)
d) Degree of Change from the firm perspective (e.g. Sustaining versus Disruptive)

2) Identify Frugal Innovation opportunities to the problem at hand

3) Get access to users’ needs (Human-centered design)

4) Transform ‘Front End of Innovation’ from
Current – Fuzzy area (Opportunities -> Ideas -> Concepts)
Future – A structured, systematic, and repeatable process

4 Innovation Project Types:

1) Disruptive (Radical) Innovation
2) Incremental Innovation
3) Progressive Innovation
4) Special Projects

Frugal Innovation