Launching Innovation in Schools

Participants from Schools will complete cycles of study, experimentation, and reflection to gain confidence and skills to lead instructional improvement efforts.
Through experiential activities and assignments, participants from schools will begin working with colleagues to envision the next level of work for your team or organization, to launch a new initiative, and to measure your progress along the way.
Based on the work of Justin Reich (Teaching Systems Lab, MIT) and Peter Senge (MIT Sloan), we will focus on visioning and capacity-building, with an emphasis on collaboration and building partnerships with stakeholders at multiple levels.

Our Services:

1) Launch instructional improvement initiatives in schools or other learning environments
a) Describe and Simulate a Powerful Learning Environment
b) Define a Problem of Practice
c) Bring People Together Around Ideas They Care About
d) Refine a Vision & Get to Work
e) Work Together Through Ups and Downs
f) Measure Progress & Make Adjustments
g) Sustain these Innovations
2) Help students to better understand themselves as leaders and change agents
3) Help you Partner with peers and other institutions who are also undertaking these innovation launches