Innovation – Design for Experimentation

The true impact of digital technologies is that they are lowering the costs and expanding the reach of who can participate in experiments and where they can be done. This changes how rapidly companies can create and improve innovative products and services they offer to customers and so becomes a fundamental source of ongoing competitive advantage.

Developing this capability for experimentation requires defining and aligning the technical, organizations and strategic layers of a business enterprise to be able to drive experiments both at a product/service and operational level.

What is required at the technical, organizational and strategic layers so that teams and business can more fully benefit from the power of digital technologies to drive business experiments that lead to ongoing improvement and strategic advantage.

Services we provide – for large scale experimentation to drive greater innovation in a digital business context:

a) Technical design and development, and how to usefully cast these as a form of experimentation in order to improve project management and project quality.
b) How to manage and structure organizations to drive experiments at a broader, strategic level?

1) Demonstrate Digital Business Stack and experimental capability which is essential for the digital transformation problem statement
2) Design & Simulate Business Experimentation Cycles (Short and Long Cycle Experiments)
3) Integrate Functional and Industry Expertise to Address Novelty in Experimentation
4) Infrastructure for Experimentation at Scale
a) Service Oriented Architecture
b) Tools for Experimentation at Scale
5) Organizing Multiple Agile Teams in Practice
6) Strategic Implications of Enterprise Scale Experimentation (e.g. Digital Disruption)
7) Applications of Enterprise Level Experimentation in Health Life Sciences Industry