Business Model Innovation

Our Services:

1) Engage in exploration of Business Models in an agile manner
The recent focus on business model innovation emphasizes an innovation system that allows firms to deal with assumptions about their future – and to create (and test) new business models as systematically as new products or solutions

2) Why platforms matter for BMI? (Technology Platforms)
a) How can you implement a platform-based business model?
b) How open your platform business model be?

3) Demonstrate Value of Business Model Innovation
a) BMI will help to improve businesses, by challenging the status quo and trying something new.
b) Using servitization, service bundling and service unbundling

4) How to Design a Successful Business Model
a) Have a Design Approach which can help you to Design Viable Business Models in a Structured Way
b) Design Thinking -> Puts Humans and Users first
c) Get different perspectives on your trade-offs
d) Design a Value Proposition: Who, What

5) Business Model Testing
a) Test a Business Model and evaluate its Profitability
b) How can we make sure that a Business Model is financially viable, future-proof (robust) and attractive for customers?

6) Business Model Implementation
a) How to deal with stakeholders in your ecosystem that can make or break your business model implementation?
b) How can Platformization help me to grow my business?
c) What are the key elements to remember when implementing a completely new business model?

Consulting, Solutioning, Demo, or Training on Tools for Business Model Innovation:

1) Value of Business Models
a) Business Model Card Game
b) Business Model Metrics
c) Business Model Paths and Tooling

2) How to Design a Successful Business Model?
a) 6 Thinking Hats
b) Value Proposition Canvas

3) Business Model Testing
a) PESTLE (Political, Economic, Societal, Technological, Legal, Environmental)
b) Stress Testing Tool
c) Profit Calculator (Cash Flow Analysis, Business Case Calculation)
d) Agile Business Model

4) Business Model Implementation
a) Business Model Roadmap Canvas
b) Stakeholder Involvement Canvas (Ecosystem, Partner Analysis Tool)
c) Platform Canvas
d) Process Journey (Operating Model Canvas, Processes/Resources/Organization/Metrics or KPIs)

5) Business Model Metrics and Advanced Tools

Viability, Feasibility, Sustainability