Models for Strategic Marketing in Pharma & MedTech companies

Our Consulting Services & Enagement Models:

1) Models for Strategic Marketing in Pharma&MedTech
2) Diagnostics (current level of Strategic Marketing capability)
3) Strategy & RoadMap (for target capability level)
4) Assessment for Strategic Marketing Capability (at defined intervals)

Sample Models:

1) A model for Market & Competition: Consumer Market
2) A Strategic Marketing Model to better plan the entry strategy, target the right consumer and anticipate demand so as to have an efficient and effective promotion strategy
3) Model Replacement purchases, Demand cycle, Promotion strategy (e.g. Bass Diffusion)
4) Firms competing for market share (e.g. Business Dynamics: Network effect)
5) Model the process of price discovery in a market where the market makers do not know the demand and supply curves of market participants (e.g. Business Dynamics: Price Discovery)
6) Product life cycle model, used for forecasting sales of new products (e.g. Bass Diffusion)