Models for RWE – for ‘Health Life Sciences’ firms (BioPharma & MedTech)

Our Consulting & Engagement Process:

1) Systems Model of RWE within the Organization (related Agent and Event models)
2) Diagnostics (current use of RWE)
3) Strategy & RoadMap (for effective use of RWE)
4) Assessment (at defined intervals)
5) Maturity Model Evaluation

Sample Modeling Problems:

1)A model to envision a holistic approach to person-centric healthcare

a) Which are the multi factors that lead to various heath outcomes?
b) Which are the relevant data outside medical systems?
c) How relevant data shapes decisions real time challenges?
d) How to achieve medical-level accuracy?
e) How to integrate data from multiple sources?
f) How to collaborate with numerous stakeholders holding the data?
g) How to correlate biomarkers with outcomes?
h) How to remove confounders?
i) How to comply with regulatory requirements?

2)A model to evangelise knowledge and adoption of RWE

a) What actions are required from multiple stakeholders that lead to expanded use of RWE?
b) Details on company specific campaigns that lead to expanded use of RWE

3)A model for using EMR for Real-world Evidence

a) How using Analytics on EMRs and Biomarkers will improve patient outcomes?
b) What are the current limitations for RWE to and how can we overcome them?

4)A model to depict shaping of Ecosystem for RWE

a) How to shape the ecosystem for RWE?
b) Data and cloud platforms needed for RWE
c) Derive an Operating Model for RWE and foster its adoption
d) Role of Data and Analytics for using RWE in Pharma
e) High impact use cases – understand and communicate