Oncology Launches

Our Consulting Services:

1) Assess & Develop Oncology Launch Capabilities
2) Assess & Consult on Product Differentiation (Strategy & Planning)

Sample Models for Oncology Care & Innovation launches:

1) How Pharma launch for Oncology differs from other normal therapies?
2) What is the difference between Oncology launch in developed nations and emerging economies?
3) A model for data and analytics use in Oncology market access
a) What are the data generation best practices for early market access in Oncology? b) What are the data complexities for single products? c) What are the data complexities for combination therapies?
4) A model to depict payer behavior for Oncology products and how to address them to reduce costs
a) Which are the main characteristics of payer behavior towards Oncology reimubrsements? b) How can these be addressed in various launch phases?
5) An OmniChannel Go-to-market model
a) Who are the main stakeholders in oncology go-to-market b) How to use multiple channels and innovative mechanisms to reach them? c) How product launch happens? d) How product diffusion happens?
6) A Multi-partner go-to-market model
a) For combination indications in oncology, a model for partnerships and its success factors
7) A generic model for launch of new medical product b) Customize the generic model: A model for launch of rare disease treatment (Pharma and Medical Products) c) Customize the generic model: A model for launch of oncology treatment
8) A model to Optimize Oncology Innovation Launch Strategy
9) A model to explore how digital&agile in LS transforms Oncology space
10) A model for Cancer care center utilization, improvement areas
11) A model for Cancer prevention, screening, diagnostics
12) A model for Network in Cancer prevention and care
13) A model for Cancer Progression
14) A model for Health Economics for Oncology
15) A model for Cancer Homecare Service
16) A model for Cancer MedTech/Pharma/Equipment Field Service