MedTech in APAC – for ‘Health Life Sciences’ firms

Our Consulting Services:

1) Portfolio Management Services
2) Capabilities for transitioning from distributor-led commercial model
a) Clinical selling & Key account management (KAM)
b) Multichannel retailing
c) e-detailing
d) Healthcare economics and outcomes research (HEOR)
3) Right response to the digital leap
4) Build localized, agile organizations
5) Talent development
6) Partnerships in the healthcare ecosystem
7) Transitioning to a value-based healthcare world

Sample Models:

1) How does the MedTech success factors in APAC compare with those in the West?
2) How MedTech can thrive amid the challenging and complex external environment in Asia?
3) How can MedTech in Asia embrace the next wave of growth in the region?
4) How can MedTech in Asia step up on innovation, commercial and strategic capabilities?