Digital Supply Chain for Pharma & MedTech industry

Our Consulting Services & Enagement Models:

1) Models for Digital Supply Chain for Pharma&MedTech
2) Diagnostics (current level of Digital Supply Chain & Logistics capability)
3) Digital Transformation Strategy & RoadMap (for target capability level)
4) Assessment for Digital Supply Chain Capability (at defined intervals)

Sample Models:

1) A model for interaction between the inventory management sector and labor supply chain
2) System dynamics of production and a flowchart that simulates order processing.
Agents- Manufacturers, Distributors, Trucks
3) Supply Chain (ABM) and Product Diffusion (Consumer market – SD) / Manufacturing (SD)
4) How to achieve omnichannel supply capability?
5) Process initiation and progress in Supply Chain/Manufacturing based on discrete events in end-to-end Supply Chain
Agent Types: Manufacturer, Wholesale, Distribution, Retail, Consumer, Warehousing, Transport
a) Supply chain segmentation
b) Internal lead-time optimization
c) Network nodes and flows
d) Collaboration
e) Disruptive technology
f) Identify customer segments
Channel, product, location – based service strategy
g) Combine with product characteristics – value, volatility
h) Design supply-chain elements for each segment
Network nodes, flows, capabilities
6) Real-time inventory visibility (inventory across channels, and potentially across companies)
7) Warehouse automation using robotics and automatic guided vehicles can help, but the right level of automation and the complexity of flows will depend on parameters such as order size and number per carton
8) Transport Optimization