Models for Digital, Agile RnD for BioPharma & MedTech

Our Consulting Services & Enagement Models:

1) Models for Digital & Agile RnD
2) Diagnostics (current level of digital RnD capability)
3) Strategy & RoadMap (for target level of digital RnD capability)
4) Assessment for digital RnD Capability (at defined intervals)
5) Maturity Model Evaluation

Sample Problem & WHY we need a Model for this?

a) What is the problem we are trying to solve?
We need to understand how we can transform from current way of RnD to an agile and digital methodology
b) Why is it a problem?
We are not able to imagine how this agile&digital RnD will be (we don’t even have a mental model on how the end goal looks like).
Also, we don’t know how to strategize, plan our operations, track our progress, do course correction etc. on our journey towards an agile&digital RnD.
Right now, we don’t have a virtual world (a model and simulation) to develop and evaluate disruptive business strategies.

Sample Models:

1) A model which captures the dynamics involved in a digital & agile Pharma RnD. Which are the various processes, and related agents?
2) How new biomolecular platforms and digital technologies are changing Pharma and MedTech R&D?
3) Model of Digital as a source of value creation for biomolecular platforms
4) How RWE helps in these RnD phases/activities? (Trial design, Patient recruitment, Target product profile design)