Models for Consumer Experience of Pharma & MedTech consumers

Our Consulting & Engagement Process:

1) Models of Consumer experience (of consumers of the Business Organization)
2) Diagnostics (current level of consumer experience)
3) Strategy & RoadMap (for target level of consumer experience)
4) Assessment (at defined intervals)
5) Maturity Model Evaluation

Sample Modeling Problems:

Problem 1) A model which explores how Consumer experience can be improved in digital pharma RnD and operations.

An agent-based model for consumer experience and engagement in Pharma
Discrete-event models for patient/physician/pharma rep journeys
a) Patients/Consumers (entire journey, +Discrete Event)
b) Prescribers (entire journey, +Discrete Event)
c) Pharma company (a rep’s journey, +System Dynamics)

Problem 2) A model for Product Launch of a new therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis (Now versus Next)

1) Too often, pharma companies seek to improve share of voice by adding more interactions and diversifying channels rather than optimizing the experience for the customer.
2) In companies following this approach, a rep promoting a new drug might wait for hours to see a prescriber so as to meet his or her inter¬actions target, only to have a short, unfocused discussion that is soon forgotten and does nothing to foster launch success.

1) A truly customer-focused approach would start by asking individual prescribers what really matters to them
2) If a particular prescriber doesn’t feel confident about prescribing a new biologic drug, for example, the rep can put them in touch with key opinion leaders and pro-vide compelling case studies to illustrate the drug’s clinical effectiveness for different patient profiles.
a) In creating these case studies, the company seeks input and tests early drafts with real customers, and regularly refines them to ensure they meet target prescriber needs as fully as possible.
3) In engaging the prescriber, the rep links all the touchpoints to a wider journey that’s planned in advance as a coherent sequence.
a) Questions raised in one interaction are systematically followed up in the next to create a seamless, fulfilling, and memorable experience.