Main Challenges in Survey Analysis

  • Identify healthcare areas where surveys can value add as a research method
  • For the defined purpose, identify the best survey mode, target audience and execution strategy
  • Conduct rapid, low cost, granular surveys for various healthcare activities
  • Integrate the survey findings to healthcare platforms as an enabler for Artificial Intelligence

Services we provide

  • Identify hypotheses and opportunities in healthcare sectors where surveys suit as the primary research mechanism
  • Framework for data collection, analysis and actions – sampling people/networks/records, dealing with missing data, combining and analysing complex data
  • Strategy for co-creation of surveys with users and other stakeholders
  • Emerging modes: mobile web surveys, SMS text interviews
  • Emerging data sources: sensors, wearables, geolocation, social media, administrative data
  • Resolutions to common issues provided by survey methodologists and survey researchers
  • Commonly used platforms for questionnaire design for social surveys
  • Motivation aspects for various survey mechanisms