Healthcare Supply Chain use cases

  • Optimization, Real-time visibility of Supply Chain – enabled by – Interoperability, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain:
    • Enterprise Materials Management
    • Clinical Supply Chain
      • Point of Use Supply Chain
      • Pharmacy Supply Chain
      • Surgicals Supply Chain
    • Public Health Supply Chain
    • Supply Chain for Research, Development, Delivery in Pharma/BioTech, MedTech

Supply Chain Optimization & Analytics

  • Unconstrained and Constrained Optimization
  • Linear and Network Models
  • Algorithms and Approximations
  • Regression and Simulation Models

Complexity & Challenges in Healthcare Supply Chain

  • Business
    • Each stakeholder has their own interests to protect
    • Healthcare supply chain management process is mostly inefficient and fragmented
  • Technology
    • Interoperability among Supply Chain software solutions
    • Integrated platforms for end-to-end Supply chain management

Services we provide

  • Use cases and Strategy for enabling Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain in Supply Chain solutions
  • Interoperable service development to integrate software solutions
  • In a heirarchical supply chain, network design analysis for optimal designs
  • Computational models
    • E.g. Impact of changing vaccine vial size on supply chain

Case Study: Supply Chain Network Design, Optimization and Analytics for a National level Public Health program

Optimization of vaccine supply chain, tracking each vaccine vial, control&predictive maintenance of cold chain points, IoT and AI enabling entire vaccine network

  • Interoperable API/Service enabling vaccine network to feed data to the central dashboard
  • IoT for control and maintenance of cold storage points
  • Optimal network design for vaccine supply chain
  • Track each vial using barcode
  • Realtime visibility of stock, infill, outtake from each cold chain point (can be used for audits and data reconcilitation)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) enable vaccine network