Significance and Usage of Social media

Scan social media, effectively use social media analysis findings for effective communications.

  • Types of social media: e.g. twitter/facebook, personal blogs, news
  • Types of findings: e.g. apprehension, rumours
  • Actions needed: e.g. targeted campaigns
  • Measure effectiveness: e.g. innovative surveys

Social media Analysis use cases in Healthcare

  • Effectively scan and use social media for effective communications on Public health programs
    • Clarify misconceptions related to vaccines
    • Understand public perception on immunization/health programs
    • Predict tipping points in vaccine scares
    • Social media intervention to influence parental attitude towards vaccines
    • Campaigns for health behaviour changes
    • Tracking anti-vaccine sentiments using social media networks
  • Evaluation of social marketing campaigns
  • Social network analysis for efficient public health operations
  • Map information exposure on social media to explain differences in public health/vaccination coverage