A platform is a business model that allows multiple participants (producers and consumers) to connect to it, interact with one another, and create and exchange value. The most successful companies in the digital era, including Alibaba, Amazon, and Facebook, were all designed on platform business models.

An ecosystem, is an interconnected set of services that allows users to fulfill a variety of needs in one integrated experience. Consumer ecosystems mostly concentrate on needs such as travel, healthcare, or housing. Business-to-business (B2B) ecosystems generally revolve around a certain stakeholder or decision maker – for example Healthcare Researcher/Pharma, Payer, Provider, Patient.

Case Studies: (to be uploaded soon)
1) Startup Ecosystem/Platform connecting all stakeholders and startup activities in India
2) Platform for Health&Care in Smart/Responsive Cities ecosystem
3) Integrated, Real-time, Open Platform for transformation of a fragmented, national level Immunization Program
4) A Public Health Marketplace
5) A Health Insurance marketplace connecting all stakeholders
6) A Marketplace for healthcare business and freelancing activities