Digital Transformation – supported with rapid iteration, hypothesis-based and customer-informed processes.

We provide Consulting Services in:

  • Incubator Setup, Intrapreneurship development – Turning Ideas into Actions
  • Need for Big data analytics – Hadoop Stack, Map Reduce/Crunch(for batch), Kafka/Storm/Spark (for real-time),  Data Validation/Verification framework, Domain driven Data Mining,  Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • A Big data perspective on Data warehouses
  • UX design, Accessibility design (for Analytics/Business Intelligence/AI)
  • Transitioning from packaged installs to Continuous Deploment/Operations (approach, tools/frameworks)
  • Use cases on latest trends and emerging technologies

Case Studies on Digital Transformation Consulting: (to be uploaded soon)
1) Open platform with interoperable APIs for a National Level Immunization Program
2) Transforming Healthcare Supply Chain solution for a Public Health Platform
3) Transforming ‘Traditional Drug Development’ to a ‘Patient-centric, Drug Discovery & Development platform’ with special focus areas like AI, BlockChain, Robots, Virtual Reality